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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care restores the function of the spinal segment through a series of gentle maneuvers call spinal manipulation or adjustments. These maneuvers with supportive care such as physiotherapy and exercise remove the dysfunction of the spinal segments to restore the normal range of motion of the spine while reducing pain and stiffness to the spine. Adjustments should be painless. Dr. Cumiskey utilizes several gentle techniques to restore function of the spine. Choice of techniques used depends on the condition of the spine and the age of the patient. For example, senior patients with arthritis of the spine require a different technique than let's say a younger patient who may be athletic.


Physiotherapy is a variety of modalities used to address the soft tissue surrounding the spine and other joints such as the shoulder, knee etc. Physiotherapy addresses tight or injured muscles, ligaments and tendons. Some examples of physiotherapy are moist heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, cold packs etc. 

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